Famous sports in Turkey

Turkey enhances the craziness of the sports for Turkish residence by encouraging them or supported them by giving financial aid. The main thing to increase the numbers of athletes, to attain superior successes at international sports competitions to develop an appropriate sports atmosphere. Sports are very important in daily life. But now a day, sports have become the identity of a country and society also. Turkey is doing his job as well in the field of sports.
The Most famous sports are given below:
Sailing and Boat Trips, Gulet Cruising:
Turkey is famous in four bordering seas which are:

  • The Black Sea
  • The Marmara Sea
  • The Aegean Sea
  • The Mediterranean Sea

By all seeing, it is not much surprising that the Cruising is a popular sport in Turkey. Many cruising charters are available in Turkey as Gulet boat or bareboat. The Gulets are traditional wooden made motor with many comforts and Gulets holidays are becoming increasingly popular along the Turkish coastline. Marmaris and Bodrum both are best places where the best Gulets made.

Scuba Diving:
The Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea both are the best places to dive. Diving for the tenacity or purpose of sport, with the appropriate toolkit and in non-restricted areas, is allowable. Other divers should have their qualification documentations, must be accompanied and trained, diving license. The limit of the diving is restricted up to 30 meters away.
But for the educational matters the limit is lengthy up to 42 meters. Not only the men, but the women also take an active part in it. An adult woman broke a number of world records in free diving group by diving with not proved to fix weight at a depth of 105 meters in 2:38 minutes in 2001.

Rafting and Canoeing:
The rivers or seas of the Turkey provide the best condition for Rafting and canoeing, the beginners and the experienced for both. It is the most famous sport or game in Turkey. The 4thworld water sports Championships were held in Turkey in 1993 with 300 competitors approximately from 28 countries from all around the world. It is the most appreciated, but dangerous game ever in the whole world. If the player leaves it on the way, then nobody will save him from death.

The most splendid, which is usually liked by others in the Turkey is Windsurfing. Most of the games in Turkey are related to the seas. Alacacti has a low area that spreads which is 500 meters out from the beach. It is joint with the flat water, no tides or currents, this is a faultless place to enhance techniques and skills. It is considered as an ideal place to study properly to water start. This is really an interesting game. People love to watch it. It is the most splendid game ever and having a royal game's importance in turkey.

It is also a water sport game. And latest popular as well as in Turkey. Where it is possible to practice this game in the months or season of summer. Different beaches are selected for the expert beginners or others. The pirlanta beach has some strong winds, just because of, it is used for the experts.
The other beach is recognized as the Alacacti, and this beach has gentle winds, so it is a better place for the beginners to take the start. The other beach is named as the Burc beach, it is situated in Kilyos on the Black sea coast of Istanbul and has some strong winds and high waves just before a long beach, and it is decided as thebest location for the pro.

Fishing is one of the most popular games of Turkey. In Turkey, fishing can be done without having a warrant in non-commercial apparatus, multi hooked lines. It is not permitted to go away, up to five kilometers. The up to date detail concerning finishing zones, the minimum sizes of fish that can be caught, and the numbers of fish that can be caught per person, can be obtained from the department of fish that can be caught per person. It is the most flexible experience to catch fish in the most beautiful place of Turkey. Don’t come back until you have taken the experience of fishing.

Flying and Ballooning: The flying and the ballooning is the most important and energetic game ever. The plane slipping, hang gliding, Paragliding, parachuting and solo engine flights are provided for as well as facilities that provide training courses.

The best places for the Flying and Ballooning are:

  • Fethiye
  • Eskisehir
  • Pamukkale
  • Istanbul
  • Ephesus

It is the best game to have fun and enjoy. If you are in Turkey and returned back, and do not take the Flying and Ballooning then your journey is wasted. It is the most special thing to enjoy. It is a fantastic and extreme experience to fly.

The most beautiful and stimulating caverns are situated in the Toro’s areas along the Mediterranean beach, southwest, northwest Anatolia and Thrace. It is also known as Spelunking. You will enjoy the caving game in Turkey. It will amuse your day. You will be feeling happy.
The numbers of caves examined and recognized by all local and foreign cave voyagers is approximately 800 so far. If you are having a plan of turkey, then don’t forget to visit the most beautiful experience of caving there. It will make you fresh. It is guaranteed. The most special and funny game is the caving. You will be coming back with having the great experience of caving.

Hunting cannot be done by everyone, it can only be done by the parties, which are prearranged by authorized Turkish travel agencies, which have been legal by the Ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.
The tourist, who can hunt by means of all Travel agencies, agreeing with the connected choice of MAK, which means The Central Hunt Commission and regulation related with the application of 6163 numbered law, can take their hunting guns and accessories with them. So be careful, don’t make any tension for yourself. It would not be bearable by you. Journey must be fun and enjoyable, but must be careful.

Football is the game which is liked by everyone in this world. People love to watch football sports. Although, all around the world, the football is famous game, as Turkey is the part of the world. How can, it would be left by Turkey? It is the national sport and is played everywhere. Some of the well-recognized teams of the Turkey are mentioned below:

  • Galatasaray
  • Fenerbahce
  • Trabzonspor
  • Besiktas

Turkish national teams are struggling as well as they can with other international teams just be stronger. The national team was certified with the 17th FIFA world cup in 2002 in the country of Japan, after reaching the semifinals, it becomes the third one of the biggest football team of the world.

Oil wrestling:
This is one of the most special and popular games in Turkey. It is known as oil wrestling, and its name is Yagligures. The dressing of the wrestlers is tight short leather trousers which are called as “Kispet”. These trousers are made of buffalo leather approximately thirteen kilograms heavy. They have to cover themselves with olive oil. The matches of this game are taking place approximately all through the country, but the important tournament takes place by the end of the June and the opening of the July.
The history of the oil wrestling tournaments, links back to the Persian era, a period starting from 1065. The Turkish oil wrestling is most popular in all around the world. People who wish to go to turkey will never come back before seeing this wonderful match of oil wrestling. It is the superb game of turkey. Must take a part on it for having fun.

Bird watching:
The bird watching is also known as the Ornithology, the meeting point of the three lands, procedures a usual bridge among the bird’s manners zones in the north and the bird’s winter quarters in the south. It is the most special thing to watch. The world is full of craze.
Everyone tries to do something different from others. It is the example of one of them. May is considered as the best month for the birding. Ornithology, one of the best craze of the world. It is good to go in the month of May. And the in the month of June the Oil wrestling will be waiting for you. The attentions are being absorbed at all the zones of Olympic sports rather than on a solo branch.

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