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Most Famous foods in turkey

The great collection of mouthwatering food is given below. It is the mixture of the western and Asian. There are many food items, and hard to select one and appreciate in Turkey. Following you will read about some of the most common and most preferred Turkish dishes.

Testi Kebab:
Testi Kebabs are the one of the best food of Turkey, and well known all over the country. On the other way, no words for its juicy taste, which has feasted to others varieties or areas. The Vegetable and Meat are taped up in a clay pot and then cooked over a high heat. The service style is, the waiter will come and bring it as, and serve you with the clay pot on your table. You would have to open the top and pour out the delicious, hot meat with black peppers, onions and a variety of natural juices. It is much delicious as I mentioned.

The Menemen is one of the delicious food item of Turkey. It is also known as a breakfast dish, on the other way, it could be eaten at any time all over the day. It is a simple Meal and good for those, who are traveling and less expensive. It contains of onions, black peppers and tomatoes, which are heated slowly in a hot pan. Eggs are then broken into the pan and either left as fried egg or mixed with the onions and black peppers. Use it with some spices, as like black pepper and paprika, which is to go with a simple piece of bread and it is ready to serve and eat a satisfying dish. Which will give you a healthy and tasty food. It will be definitely admired by you. And most of the people when they go back from the journey, try to cook it in their homes.

It is similar to other Asian food. It is known as Kofty. It is the same as like of meatballs, on the other way, a variety of flavors, taste and herbs, alongside with wheat foodstuffs are used to bind the mince together. There are too many varieties of Koftyto mention here. Because, they have delicious and awesome taste, most of when it would be served with rice and salad, or between two thick crispy pieces of breads. It will be definitely admired by you. You will be loved, to cook after going back from the journey to your home. It is one of the most delicious foods of Turkey.

Sac Kavurma:
The dish which is known as Sac Kavurma is a mixture of Meat, black peppers, tomatoes and onions that are mixed with some herbs and then cooked at a high heat in an iron pan which resembles a wok. It would be served at your table with the blaze still healthy-looking in the wok. Culturally and traditionally served with some vegetables and rice. This is the most famous food in Turkey. And liked by the visitors also. If you are having a plan to go for visiting, then you must have try this tasty dish. This is positively guaranteed that no one in the family leaves anything on their plate.

Adana Kabab:
It is shaped as large, and even their look is much delicious. Adana Kabab oblong meat ball shaped, which has a variety of special spices and herbs, which used in the recipe. It is traditionally served with thin breads, rice and salad. Those who came first time in Turkey to visit are recommended to taste this dish. It is much closed to western foods. And perfectly introduced. Otherwise, as an alternative of serving it with rice you can make food for when you are on the way by wrapping it in some Kabab bread. It is the most specific and delicious food of Turkey.

The Borek dish is one of the most special and delicious food of Turkey. It is eaten as a main dish, or some eat it as snacks, this food is loved by the Turkish children. It is shared with the layers of pastries with either cheese and spinach or beef filling. Culturally and traditionally it is escorted with a glass of Ayran. This is very famous, even in the streets of Turkey and almost in budget and can be eaten while on the way. It is the most special food of Turkey, if you are having a plan to go to Turkey then don’t miss to taste this delicious and healthy food.

Dolma is made of vegetables that have been replete with the mixture of rice and herbs. They are most generally stuffed black peppers. Probabilities that you could not able to find this delicious dish sold in many restaurants as it takes a long time to prepare, but you will definitely love after eating it, and try to eat it again. However, if you get accessible dolma by Turkish friends or neighbors, then definitely accept them as Dolma is a mouthwatering multipurpose dish. Which will as tasty as you can imagine.

It is one of the most famous dishes of Turkish culture. It is wrapped with the vine leaves, and filling with the rice, spices like (mint, black pepper and cinnamon) and onions. It is cooked with the olive oil, and mostly served cold. If the dish cooked without meat then it is named as ZeytinYagh.

It is cooked with tomato and paste and no doubt onion and the green beans. The most delicious food, having attractive look, and healthy for eating. After seeing this dish, it is guaranteed that your mouth will be filled with water.

Manti: One more splendid dish, which is named as Manti is traditional and culturally comes from the Kayseri area of Turkey and is mince inside of superior bread. The Manti is boiled at a high heat and then served to the table which is enclosed and covered with yogurt. You will not catch this dish served in any of the restaurants meant, at travelers so be guaranteed to look for when visiting an old style lokanta.

Lahmacum and Pide:
If you are traveling in Turkey, and you have limited budget, then you will be pleased to hit the books about Lahmacum and Pide. If you have not tasted this delicious food, then your journey will be uncompleted. It is the famous dish of Turkey. It is similar to Pizza, but the base of the dish is much thinner and the picks of glazes are astonishing. It is the popular choice with onion and cheese or finally minced meat with the black pepper, tomatoes and onions by the visitors and residences. Culturally and traditionally, this food is served with a salad which means you are definitely getting value for money with these delicious Turkish Pizzas.

There is enough variety of pilaf in the Turkish food, yet the easiest one to make, is the most favorite and available one, which is guaranty, you will try to make at your home after going back from Turkey, is named as Sade Pilav. It is cooked with eggplants, chickpeas meat or liver slices, the main ingredient is rice. Rice is mostly eaten by the Turkish, and also admires by them.

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