Go for the enjoyment and making a history on your friend’s book. Turkey tour is the best way to enhance yourself. Enjoy in Istanbul and around: Istanbul is one of the most special and active cities of Turkey. It stands among two cities, Europe and Asia. Two aspects of Istanbul are very appreciative and attractive:
The walking events
The night life
In the Istanbul the most enjoyable things depend only on these two aspects. In the walking events the Walking through Istanbul
There is no other city like Istanbul, it is capital in the world that extents two lands. Directed walk will make you capable to enjoy both the historical and the modern in Turkey’s culture and profitable assets.
Way of walking over Kadikoy and Moda in Asia:
To visit Kadikoy, on the Asian sideways of Istanbul. Kadikoy is the oldest part of Istanbul wich is settled in 676 B.C by Greeks. It starts from Eminonu by ferry boat. The Byzantine, on the European side was established by other Greeks nine years later, which is considered the oldest part of the city but quiet not an old fashioned. It is the most preferable place to go to enjoy.

Blue mosque in the heart of old Istanbul.
The mosque is identified as for its six minarets and the blue-and-white roofing from the Turkish city Iznik that protect and cover the internal of the Mosque of Sultan. The Blue Mosque is one of the excessive, must-see magnetisms of the deep-rooted city. In the heart of the unique location of the town of Byzantium. The other aspect of journey in Istanbul.

Restaurant love for food.
Love for food is exactly what you experience, when you go there for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Hot Plate is the name of the restaurant. The name of the restaurant is showing it means which is Love for Food. A gorgeous restaurant in occupational region Levant, following to one of the back doors of shopping mall Kanyon.

Dishes from Ottoman forts:
The EdaToganAsitane restaurant is one of the most famous restaurants of Istanbul. The tourists must go to that restaurant for having fun and enjoy. It would be the enjoyable journeys. There are many restaurants that the privilege to work for ottoman in Istanbul. However, it would be considered the Asitane is matchless, because they serve food from the Ottoman forts.

Quality fish feast at BalikaLokantasi
In the side street of Kadıköy, defamations a modest fish restaurant which is named as the BalıkçıLokantası. It is located in the Opposite direction of the Sok Supermarket in Teyyareci Sami Sokak, a street similar to the Kabataş or Kadıköy Iskele, and by way of an astounding painting just one hundred meters to the leftward on the matching, same side as the restaurant, you will find this place. After going there, we assure you that you will admire your journey and the most beautiful scene of Istanbul. It feels romantic at evening.

Shortest metro line of the world
It isn’t a real metro line, but has become standard anyhow. Not only in the past days of vapor powered engines and gas lamps, but still now as soon as it shelters the aloofness in 90 seconds. For the reason that, the short trip receipts you on a very vertical hill from Karaköy to Tünel Square, at the establishment of IstiklalCaddesi, the highest vein of nightlife in Beyoğlu. Istanbul was supposed as the second city of the Europe. As far the London had a rebellious quick transfer system constructed. When it opened in 1874, it got the name “The Metropolitan Railway of Constantinople from Galata to Pera”. It is the best place to have fun and enjoy.

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