Education in Turkey

Education in Turkey

Education in turkey:
Rendering to the Constitution of the Nation of Turkey, every citizen must have to be educated. The education is free, but compulsory, generally the primary education. Except in expressly approved and external organizations, Turkish as the mother tongue, must have to be taught. Meanwhile 2012, twelve years of schooling is obligatory for all. There are many schools in every city of Turkey. Some names of institutions which are located in Istanbul are given below:

  • Acıbadem Fen Lisesi
  • AdileMermerciAnadoluLisesi
  • Aka Lisesi, Bahçelievler
  • AlibeykoyEndüstriTicaretveMeslekLisesi
  • AlibeyköyLisesi
  • AnabilimLisesi
  • Anakent Lisesi
  • Ata Lisesi
  • AtaşehirLisesi
  • AvrupaLisesi
  • AvusturyaLisesi
  • BahçelievlerAnadoluLisesi
  • Bahçeşehir Fen veTeknolojiLisesi
  • BayrampaşaAnadoluLisesi

Top Universities in turkey for education:
The university system in Turkey is ruled by the Higher Educational Council (YOK). Apart from the public and private institution of higher education, 8 ground work higher professional schools attend the job in the marketplace. Turkey has 104 public and 62 private universities, total of 166 organizations of higher learning, 5 of which are situated in the Turkish State of North Cyprus. To get an education in Turkey, you need to select some institution, some are given below:

  • Anadolu University (Eskisehir)
  • Orta do (Ankara)
  • Bogazici University (Istanbul)
  • Istanbul University (Istanbul)
  • Istanbul Teknik University (Istanbul)
  • Gazi University (Ankara)
  • Ege University (Izmir)
  • Marmara University (Istanbul)
  • Ankara University (Ankara)
  • Hacettepe University (Ankara)
  • Fatih University (Istanbul)
  • Okan University (Istanbul)
  • Mersin University (Mersin)
  • Konya University (Karate)
  • Istanbul Arel University (Istanbul)

The students of undergraduate generally take education for four years at institutions of higher education, but in other fields such as medical the duration is 6 years, in dentistry 5 years, and in veterinary science 5 years, extended. Turkish former student goes in a straight line into the selected fields of the study like as medicine, law, dentistry and so on. No study fee would be charged at public schools such as devlet universitesi, students pay only a small basic fee. The Students have to pass a national University Entering Exam of OSS to get admitted into the university. The graduates of four year programs are presented with the Bachelor’s Degree of LisansDiplomasi. The visitors did not have to take tension that they do not know Turkish, because almost everyone know about English there. They do not feel too much sufer about this matter.

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