Istanbul is the largest city of Turkey, which is constituting the economics, traditions and the historical heart of the county. Its population is near about 14.1 million.

Basilica Cistern:
It is the most unpredictably idealistic and romantic attractions, it suggestions an insight into the Byzantine system that one time brought intake water into Istanbul from Thrace, which is built in the sixth century. It's the most significant object to view for fun and enjoy. Don’t forget to visit the upside down head of Medusa that sustaining up a pillar in the basilica Cistern in Istanbul.

After the eras in which supporting messy the internal of Ruler Justinian’s sixth century Byzantine masterpiece, the excitement of being able to involve the unexpected airiness of this famous church-turned-mosque-turned-Museum is hard to exaggerate. It is the most gorgeous place to visit.

Topkapi Palace:
It is the captivating views in the land of Istanbul. It is recognized as Topkapi palace, home to generations of the Sultans and their wives, who were closeted in the famous harem. It is the most interesting place to visit in Istanbul.

AyasofyaHurrem Sultan Hamam:
This palace has magnetic attraction. The marble made statues, shows the reality of the era of Sultan Hamam. The sound of running water resounding in the opposite direction of astonishing vaults.

Blue mosque:
Facing AyaSofya crossways a trifling park and reflecting its vaulted outline, the early 17th era, and the blue mosque are one of only a handful of mosques in the whole world having six minarets.

Istanbul Archaeology Museums:
The model Trojan horse loved by the children, for that is the section of children. Which is beautifully restored to show off its finest ceramics. It catches a glimpse of a peace treaty.

Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum:
This museum stocks a wonderful assortment of enormous rugs from all over the country. Its underground room structures renovations of the whole thing from a fully-fitted wanderer shelter in an impressive internal from the 19th Century of Bursa mansion.

Galata Tower:
Waterlogged Istanbul is a city that calls out to be watched from on high and you can come to be a bird’s eye view of the whole thing from the gallery at the top of the Galata Tower in Beyoglu. Turkey is full of the sceneries and it is loved to viewing.

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