While you are in Turkey

The exclusive and superb scenery of Turkey is ahead of you to be travelled by travelers, who are all set to hit the way, the tourists, who are fantasizing of an astonishing holidays by making use of the progressive highway or main road network in Turkey should get in knowledgeable about convinced rules and guidelines for their own expediency.

The visitors can be going to hire a rental vehicle, which may bring up the problem and ask the car rental agency for their support. Approximately, the main highways of Turkey are tax highways that can be used in return or reappearance for a minor fee collected at automatic HGS, which is stand for Fast Pass System, and OGS means Automatic Pass System stations which is situated at the arrival and exit of tax highways.

Emergency Call:
The drivers of the vehicle can dial the helpline numbers, which will be help them in case of an emergency, the helpline numbers are given below:
154 Traffic
156 Gendarmerie.

Car Rental for having fun:
The Car or vehicle rental firms or agencies is situated nearby approximately to the airport and terminal exit gates as well as in frequent city hearts and vocation recourses will be provided to you with the most appropriate and suitable vehicle for an enjoyable car journey. But every country has rules and regulation, mostly about driving, which we have to follow.

Child Safety Seat and Seat Belt:
Kids under the age of 7 are legally required to be held in child security seats for their private safety or protection. The drivers and travelers are officially required to keep their seat belt as they would get into the car and to fasten their car seat belt till received their destination.

Drink Driving:
The drivers, who are imprisoned of driving, while over the allowed alcohol limit, he will have to pay a fine of 700 TL and holdup of the license of the driver for six months. The alcohol limit which is allowed or legal for the drivers, is limited and partial to 0.5 pro mills. Meanwhile, the drink driving is banned in Turkey.

travelling to destinations away:
Turkey is like a puzzle to be solved, as it fleeces many motivating and thought provoking spots and municipalities in the inner areas, waiting to be travelled. It is wise to variety use of a GPS device and the road map and to hold onto an eye on the highway signs at all times.

Traffic Lanes:
Turkey drives on the right-hand side of the road, as in many other republics of the world. The drivers, who check the mirrors as often as possible will spontaneously recover their safety.

Mobile Phones:
The drivers are not permitted to use mobile phones, while driving for their own safety and that of their travelers. Using the mobile phone, while you are driving is completely forbidden by law and the fine for breaking this rule is a fine of 73 TL of Turkey.

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